Her Philosophy & Mission

Kathy "Kat" Clark is a 1993 graduate of Wilson College with an Associate's Degree in Veterinary Medical Technology. She has worked for a number of veterinary practices in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Montana. In addition to working with cats and dogs, her experience includes dealing with cattle, sheep, horses, hogs and exotics. She been employed in general vet practices, emergency hospitals and a teaching college. 

THE BEADED BASSETT is Kat's dream business. She wanted to provide home, not a kennel, for people to leave their pets while they were out of town.  

She also enjoys horseback riding, kayaking, making jewelry and sewing beds & bandanas for her business.


PHILOSOPHY - Dogs are pack animals and need to be with others dogs. By being with others dogs they learn appropriate ways to play, and to socialize and interact with other dogs with different personalities. Exercise also helps to prevent boredom and negative behaviors associated with it. These behaviors can include barking, digging, chewing furniture, herding other pets in the household or even children, and aggression. 
MISSION - We all want happy, healthy, well behaved dogs. To accomplish this goal, dogs need exercise, discipline, socialization and lots of love. THE BEADED BASSET offers your dog a fun, safe haven to stay and play with a qualified caregiver to love and spoil them. Your pet will be treated like a precious member of Kathy’s family. Every pet who stays at THE BEADED BASSETT will receive royal treatment during their stay.

Kat's Support Staff 

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Where Your Pet is Family!


Every pet who stays at THE BEADED BASSETT receives "ROYAL" treatment. We offer splendid accommodations, first rate entertainment, wonderful COMPANIONSHIP, magnificent CARE and tremendous amounts of LOVE!

 - Kathy Clark, owner